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Advanced microporous
membrane technologies.

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Different industrial applications may require certain customization on the usage of the advanced microporous membrane. We work together with our clients to define the specification. With our decade of knowledge and experience, the collaboration will co-create the best final solution.

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We develop and produce multi-functional dry process isolation-film which is widely used in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, secondary lithium batteries and a variety of energy storage batteries.
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Our product is designed to achieve high yield, high stability and high environmental resistance. Same quality also applies to customized production services.

img_Featured products_icon_PE PE
Product #1
Polyethylene (PE) separator.
img_Featured products_icon_PP PP
Product #2

Polypropylene (PP) separator.

img_Featured products_icon_ML ML
Product #3
Multi-layer (PP/PE/PP) separator.

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For any questions about our product and service, please consult our team. Reach out to us about your project and we can find the best solution for your need.

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