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Our story
Foresight Energy Technologies has invested considerable resources in research and development over the years.

Through dedicated efforts to the development, we have successfully used professional separator technology to develop and produce multi-functional dry process separators with high yield, high stability, and high environmental resistance, as well as provide customized production services. The products are widely applied in various lithium power cells and batteries. The products we manufacture are supplied to well-known battery core factories, demonstrating our technological capability and manufacturing capacity to our clients.

We have achieved many breakthroughs and successes in the research and development of the high threshold films made from multi-layered composite materials. Our technology has passed various client certifications globally, and our technology has been patented internationally. Foresight Energy Technologies has become one of the foremost leaders in the research, development, production, and supply of high-specification microporous films and separators in Taiwan.

Southern Taiwan Science Park Fab 2
Southern Taiwan Science Park Fab 1
Our milestones
Foresight energy technologies registered.
Manufacturing equipment set-up.
Started trial and pilot production run.
Mass production for polyethylene (PE) separator.
Mass production for polypropylene (PP) separator.
Mass production for multi-layer (PP/PE/PP) separator.
ISO 9001 2015 certified.
Mass production for ultra-high porosity (52%~55%) polypropylene (PP) separator.

Developing P3 Waterproof Breathable Fabric as an alternative to Gore-Tex.


JNC transfers separator production techlonogy by using 0.5MI PP.


STSP Phase II factory has started construction, plus STSP phase III in 2024, we are now on track to reach 100 million square meters capability.


Chengdu subsidiary, the Foresight Energy Technologies (Chengdu) Co. Limited., was established in Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial. It is our first research and manufacturing center in China to provide battery cell and technical services to local customers.

Our mission
Foresight Energy Technology is committed to the development and production of high-performance isolation film, which is widely used in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, secondary lithium batteries, and a variety of energy storage batteries. Following years of market research and development, we have successfully manufactured a range of well-designed, high-quality, and high-performance products. Although certified by battery verification laboratories, we continue to improve our product quality to provide dynamic battery isolation film of a higher standard.
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Our leadership team
Richard Chiang
B.S. Electronic Physics
Brian Lee
M.S. International Business
Michael Peng
M.S. Materials Science
Kevin Lin
VP Sales & Marketing
M.S. Chemical Engineering
Corporate social responsibility
As part of the green supply chain, Foresight does its utmost in the area of social responsibility from product design to production processes, where green earth and environmental-friendly approaches are taken into consideration to reduce the impact on the environment. Approach such as:
Resource waste reduction
No emission of pollution during processing
Energy recycling and reusing
Effective resource recycling with no waste
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