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Foresight enters China market

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Foresight separators have entered the supply chain of China’s battery cell factory.

The battery separator manufacturer, Foresight Energy Technologies, has reported good news.  It has now entered a stage of stable mass production.  It has been verified and adopted by many customers at home and abroad.  End customers are many well-known enterprises such as Formosa Plastics Lithium Battery and Hitachi Shipbuilding.  After the expansion of production capacity, it also successfully cut into the supply chain of China’s battery cell factories and will start supplying them from the second half of the year.  As the demand for lithium batteries continues to expand, the market outlook can expect to see future uptake.

Foresight Energy Technologies’ current downstream end customers include Formosa Plastics Lithium Battery, Feifan Energy, Kaiser Green Energy, etc.  The end products range from starting batteries for vehicles and cargo trucks, UPS, electric locomotives to large energy storage batteries.  The company has also exported to Japan to supply well-known companies such as Hitachi ZOSEN and NISSAN FORKLIFT.