Production Assistant Engineer
Tainan, Taiwan , Full Time
We’re looking for a Production Assistant Engineer to help us assist production operations.

About the role

  • Location: Tainan, Taiwan
  • Full-time
As a Technician you’ll:
  • Assist production operations
  • No previous work experience is ok
  • Company will provide comprehensive professional training
Job Requirement:
  • Acceptance status: No restriction
  • Work experience: No restriction
  • Educational qualification: High school vocational, junior college, university, master degree
  • Degree requirement: No restriction
  • Additional conditions: Inexperienced, active learner
Working Hours:
  • Acceptance status: No restriction
  • Work experience: No restriction

About us

Foresight Energy Technologies was established in Tainan Science Park in August 2011. It is a high-end microporous membrane manufacturing company focusing on the research, development, manufacturing and application of PP and PE polyolefin microporous isolation membranes. Foresight products are widely used in automotive power lithium batteries, energy storage systems and other fields. Foresight is funded by a number of stock market listed companies and is operated by professional managers. In the future, it will proceed in the direction of IPO.
Foresight sees the importance of training and development of talents. We strive for the improvement of professional ability, and encourage our employees to participate on learning courses. Employees are required to give feedback during the learning process, so that supervisors can provide necessary support in a timely manner, and provide different learning opportunities according to the needs of different levels, so as to achieve a win-win situation for both the personal growth of employees and the development of the company.
The benefits and working environment are better than those of general companies. Compared with large enterprises, it has more advantages in learning and promotion opportunities. Interested parties are welcome to join the Foresight ranks.
Our products and services
  1. Development and production of lithium ion battery isolation membrane
  2. Focus on the next generation of power battery applications
  3. Develop strategic cooperation and mutual partnership
Our core behaviors (how we act)
  1. Start with customers
  2. Practice extraordinary kindness
  3. Be radically candid
  4. Move intentionally fast
  5. Just fix it
  6. Lead by serving others
  7. Dream big
Our commitments to you
  • We’ll pay you! This is a full-time, salaried position
  • We’ll invest in your physical and mental well-being with health, dental, and vision benefits and a monthly stipend for health and wellness expenses
  • We’ll pay you to take a vacation … seriously. We’ll give you a bonus for taking your vacation
  • We offer flexible parental leave
  • We will offer you the support you need to help you grow as an impactful engineering manager and a human being

Ready to apply?

If you share our values and enthusiasm for empowering the world, we’d love to review your application! We promise we do take the time and care to review every application we receive. However, as much as we wish we could interview everyone who submits an application, we cannot guarantee an interview or feedback due to the unprecedented volume of applications we are receiving today. We are rooting for you, and hope you do consider applying.